Brazilian Accounting Pronouncements Committe Holds International Seminar

The XIV International Seminar on International Accounting Standards (CPC), organized by the Support Foundation for the Accounting Pronouncements Committee (FACPC), was held on Tuesday (7) in São Paulo. Hans Hoogervorst, president of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), and Maria Helena Santana, trustee of the IFRS Foundation, attended the event. Also at the opening ceremony were the coordinator of Institutional Relations of the CPC, Alfried Plöger; the director of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) Gustavo Gonzales; and Eduardo Pocetti, president of the Latin American Financial Information Standards Group (Glenif).

The Technical Vice-President of the Federal Accounting Council (CFC) and CPC Operations Coordinator, Zulmir Breda, participated in the Seminar as moderator of the IASB Work Agenda panel: Main Projects and Prospects.

IASB Work Agenda Panel: Main Projects and Perspectives, which was attended by Amaro Gomes (standing), Zulmir Breda, Alexsandro Broedel and Edison Arisa Pereira

The objective of the event was to provide an overview of the current stage of adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Brazil and to present the most relevant changes that are under way or to come, according to the agenda of the International Accounting Standards Board (Iasb) and CPC, considering the possible tax consequences of the converged standards.

The main topics discussed during the event were: Disclosure of Information, Transactions between Common Control Entities, Lease / Rent / Lease (IFRS 16) and Recognition of Revenue and Tax Impacts (IFRS 15).