Glass Board Meeting in São Paulo

During the meeting of the Group of Latin American Accounting Standard Setters Board (GLASS) at the headquarter of the Instituto Brasileiro de Auditores Independentes (Ibracon), held on June 13 in São Paulo, the Conselho Federal de Contabilidade (CFC) president, Zulmir Breda, and GLASS president, Eduardo Pocetti, signed an institutional cooperation agreement between the two entities.

The purpose of the agreement is to support GLASS in any activity that leads to the integration of Latin American accountants and to seek support for professional development, especially in the promotion / adoption of the standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) in the region and its constant application.

Eduardo Pocetti e Zulmir Breda (foto: Andréa Rosa)

The institutional cooperation aims to integrate all the countries that constitute the GLASS, to proactively act, through the professionals of the respective accounting organizations, in the Technical Working Groups, which analyze the documents issued by the IASB.

GLASS president registered the importance of President Zulmir’s participation in the meeting, considering that the CFC, “more than a registration body of the entire accounting profession in Brazil, is the entity that, for law, issues the Brazilian Accounting and Auditing Standards”, said Pocetti.

“All the interest and willingness of Brazil to support GLASS´s activities is materialized with the formalization of that commitment, with the signing of that agreement,” said Zulmir Breda. According to him, the CFC signed that agreement, since it understands the importance of GLASS’s work, in the sense of bringing together the interests of Latin America in the discussion of accounting standards.

In addition to the members of the GLASS Board, the meeting had the following participation: Amaro Gomes, IASB Board member; Juarez Domingues Carneiro, president of the Advisory Board of the Fundação Brasileira de Contabilidade (FBC); and Marco Aurelio Fuchida, Ibracon director.

Marco Aurelio Fuchida (Ibracon), Amaro Gomes, Juarez Domingues Carneiro, Jorge José Gil – Vice-presidente (Argentina), Eduardo Pocetti, (presidente Glenif), Adriana Caetano (Ibracon), presidente Zulmir, Norelly Pinto Vargas – Diretora Suplente(Venezuela), Felipe Perez Cervantes – Diretor (México), Alejandro Vera Espinosa -Diretor Suplente (Chile), Winston Fernández – Diretor (Uruguai), Ángel Salazar Frisancho -Diretor (Peru), Luís Henry Moya Moreno – Diretor (Colombia) (foto: Ibracon)